Oct 15, 2007

Want Something For Nothing?

Who doesn't want free lunch? Now you can win something for doing virtually nothing! Ok, that's a bit far fetched I guess, considering you gotta make a blog post in order to be entered into this contest run by Jeremy of Online Cash Flow.

Online Cash Flow is a personal blog dealing with various opportunities to help you maximize your online income. In his quest to make money online, Jeremy have tried next to everything you can think of and have had both positive and negative encounters.

Jeremy wants to provide everybody with information about what he had learned when trying to make money online. Be it his personal recommendations, or what he had done to earn money, Jeremy will do his best to provide you with the information needed to make money online.

The winner of this contest will get all 3 of the following:

1. Free ReviewMe Review

2. Free Header Banner Design

3. Free 2 Month Featured Text Link

This contest will run until October 20th, 2007. Don't miss the boat to get your virtual free lunch!