Oct 23, 2007

iPod Video Nano Contest

With the gift giving season fast approaching, have you drawn up your Christmas wish list early to avoid last minute panic buying? The new range of iPods are sure to be hot items during this time, so make sure to get them early to avoid disappointment.

Unless you are banking on winning the iPod Video Nano that Jason Blanton from Success For Your Blog is giving away in his blog contest. Success For Your Blog is a blog about successful blogging, bringing the latest and greatest tips, tricks, tweaks and best practices to apply to your blogging, for both hobbyists and probloggers.

To enter, just post an article about the contest and write a little bit about the blog, with appropriate linking. Fairly standard contest rules to follow right? One additional interesting rule is to link to two blogs of your choice in the post. This will serve two purposes, to spread some link love, as well as to promote this contest to two more bloggers who may have missed this contest.

So I’m going to invite my friends to check out this contest:

Kirk from, who has Japanese culture flowing in his Jamaican blood! Cool...

Lori from who is doing such a great job since she started her new Wordpress blog.

Good luck to one and all and happy blogging!


Lori said...

Ooooo, neat idea to spread the word!
Thanks so much, I'll get this done by tonight:)