Jun 11, 2007

Here Comes The White Elephant!

Having won herself the new "white elehpant" gift from John Chow's contest, who incidentally also re-gifted after winning it himself at a networking event. Ms Danielle has no need for the "piece of crap" since she's already got 2 iPods, she is re-gifting the 30GB Microsft Zune in her own back link promotion contest to promote her new blog site.

Since she received the "white elephant" (disguised in doo-doo brown color) prize in mid May, Ms Danielle had been busy getting her swing right on the greens(or is it the range) and also busy hosting a flying trapeze artist from down under. She finally got down to postingthis contest and offering the Zune up for grabs!

To enter the contest, simply create a new post in your blog linking to both her home page and one other post on her popular site — pick any post you want. Use anchor text that includes the phrase “blog site.” Examples include Danielle’s blog site, popular blog site, blog site about marketing, golf beginner’s blog site, ppc blog site, etc.

The "white elephant" is starting its "world tour" soon, hope it makes a cross-continental trip to the far east and make a permanent stop at my doorstep! I'll make sure it is "white elephant" no more!


Anonymous said...

hahahaha! omg that entry was so funny! i was seriously laughing out loud. best of luck to you in the contest - you're officially entered!

- danielle

BetShopBoy said...

I'm glad to be able to put a smile on your face with my writing.