Jun 26, 2007

Post Comments and Make Money at Pure Blogging

Over at, David Culpepper is holding a contest which can potentially make you up to $200 of cold hard cash! Although you must be a really really lucky 'son of a blog' to win the $200.

This unique contest is broken into 2 parts. Part 1 of the contest is designed to increase comments that contributes to meaningful discussion in his blog posts. The blogger who post the 1000th comment will win $100 (paid via PayPal). This part of the contest is totally dependent on luck as all comments will be strictly moderated by David and short irrelevant comments will be deleted. (Comments made by David and his guest bloggers will not make the count towards 1000th)

Part 2 of the contest is base on the usual run of the mill 'link bait' strategy. To enter, just blog about the contest, linking to homepage and the contest page, then email David the url of your blog post. You will be entered in a random drawing for another $100 CASH prize.

This contest is open to everyone, anywhere in the world. As long as you have a blog, no matter what language your blog is in. You can choose to enter one or both part of the contest. This contest has no fix closing date but will be closed once the 1000th comment is received, which is likely to be sometime in the next two weeks, by David's estimation.


Patrick said...

Never saw a pop up comment post! Anyway, I don't really get David Culpepper strategy. Who the hell is gonna post 1,000 comments? That person has no time. More power to him it it works!