Jun 6, 2007

How to Have The Cake and Eat it Too!

Ever since I started posting paid reviews from early May, I was forced to remove the Kontera code from this blog's HTML. The reason was Kontera's in-text advertising clashes with the TOC of the various companies offering paid review programs. My first sponsored post was rejected becasue Kontera in-text advertisement pop up within the sponsored post's keywords. I was forced to decide which to let go and which to continue. Thereby ending my short but unproductive partnership with Kontera. Until now, that is.

I was alerted to the possibility of running both programs together on my blog when Courtney Tuttle posted his earnings breakdown for May which include those of Kontera as well as other paid-review programs.

I emailed Court to enquire how he manage to achieve this without encountering a clash in TOC and obviously, many other bloggers had also emailed him with similar enquiry. A couple of days later, Court posted the solution on his blog to share with his readers. I followed the easy hack, and it is proven to work as well on Blogger.

How To Block Kontera Ads From Appearing In Sponsored Posts
It is a simple but manual work(no short cut) of pasting special code at the beginning of every paragraphs and at the end of every paragraphs in your sponsored post.

For example, if you want to block Kontera ads from appearing in the below paragraph, you will have to click on HTML view and add in:

You can now run Kontera ads in your blog without violating the TOC of paid review programs of having other advertisers' ads appearing in your sponsored posts.

I have since re-employed Kontera's code into my template's HTML and add in the above 2 special code to every paragraphs of every individual sponsored post, past and present. It works! They can now co-ed on this blog without clashing, and I can add another revenue source into my basket!

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MoneyFromHome said...


Great tip! Do you think it will also work with the Amazon contextual link program?