Jun 1, 2007

Review of

By his own account, Randall Cornett of professed that "...I’m not the most experienced person on the net. Actually, I’ve had very minimal success on the internet. Which, is why I’ve started this latest venture of trying to maintain a blog, that at least is worth something..."

Digging a little deeper into his blog to verified those humble confessions, I find no justifiable cause that points to his claims. On the contrary, I find it to be a cool blog with great blogging resources, and informative articles, written in a very professional yet personal way, which I beleive will easily connect with his readers.

Randall is a 17 years old native from Las Vegas, Nevada - a.k.a "Sin City", the place where CSI orignated. He will be finishing high school soon and is planning on getting his college education in Computer Science and later transferring to The University of Las Vegas Nevada to get a Business Degree. Randall is honest enough to let us in that school is really not his thing, his heart(besides belonging to his beautiful girlfriend Gabrielle Morales) really lies with computers. The Internet to be exact.

As far as his polished writing style is concern, Randall appears to me a 17 year-old going on 30! Randall blogs about his passion in topics like Search Engine Optimization, web development, affiliate marketing and blogging techniques.

Some of my favourite posts on his blog are:
1. 10 tips to make the Digg front page

Having seen the success of fellow blogger's "review me" contest to bump up tons of traffic, Randall is upping the ante in his own contest, dangling a cash prize of $100, for a luckyblogger who review his blog. I really really hope this last minute submission will be accepted by Randall.

The blog's header graphic had just been tweaked recently, with a cartoon of a man greeting readers added next to the original blog title. Even though his avatar can be seen in his comment replies, his photo is missing from the "About Me" page, or anywhere on his blog. Randall's impersonal tone of blogging can really connects with his readers, but if he can put up a photo on his blog, it will give a different meaning to personal touch.
In conclusion, I highly recommend one and all to hop over and check out, it will be worth every minute of your time.


Randall Cornett said...

Of course I will accept your submission, and on a side note, this article is awesome! I appreciate everything from you man! I've subscribed to your feed. Keep up the great work!

BetShopBoy said...

Hey Randall

Thanks for subscribing to my feed. BLOG ON!!