May 31, 2007

Frame up those Memories

Over the past twenty years, most of the major technological breakthroughs in consumer electronics have really been down to the same basic process: converting conventional analog information into digital information. This fundamental shift in technology gave birth to the digital camera, and thus, digital photography. It totally changed how we handle visual and audio information and completely redefined what is possible.

Previously the only way one could view their photos taken with a conventional camera is by developing them all off and storing in an album possibly to be looked at every few years. In the early days of digital cameras, one may bring out the computer, upload the digital photos onto the harddisk and huddle family and friends around it while clicking open and viewing hundreds of files one by one.

Digital photography inevitably led to the development of digital photo frame. You can find a variety of them in which is an online electronic store specializing in LCD digital photo frames. Now all your fun snap shots and happy memories can be constantly on display in all areas of your home in true color and life-like resolutions. View, share and relieve your cherished memories digitally on the wall of your living room, at the entrance and on the side table in your bedroom on a fashionable, stylish digital photo frame.

All frames from Digital Framez are compatible with multi graphical or media format, users need not go through the hassle of uploading the photos in order to view them. Just plug the memory card into the 5-in-1 card reader that supports CF/XD/MS/SD/MMC cards and enjoy the slideshow with background music played through the built-in stereo speakers.

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