May 8, 2007

Wii Contest @ The Bento Box Review

Lady luck did not smile on me in my earlier "Root of all Evil Nintendo Wii contest". Yesterday, I stumbled upon another chance to win a Nintendo Wii. This time, the "Win a Nintendo Wii" contest is sponsored and organized by Rick Uyesugi over at The Bento Box Review.

Uyesugi san is a Japanese but grew up in Vancover in a relatively laidback lifestyle. He could
trace his lineage to an ancient Japanese clan, that of a famous samurai! That makes him a
direct descedant of a Samurai! Is that cool or what? Don't believe him?

Since Rick reviews a little bit of everything on his blog, he finds it apt to name it The Bento Box Review because a traditional Japanese bento box consists of rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables as a side dish. A little bit of everything! On his blog, you will find his thoughts, opinions, and reviews on: Movies, Music, Blogs, Clothes, Cars, Tech gear, random cool things, websites, and other weird and unique things. That’s why its called the Bento Box Review.
Rick even had a video-cast on his blog, which, in my opinion, was so professionally done. Go watch episode 1 where he talks about the disappointments of PS3, and his gaming adventures on the Nintendo Wii.

To pump up some attention and generate traffic to his blog, Rick forked out over $300 from his
own pocket to purchase the Nintendo Wii for this contest, which will run till end of May 2007.
Like he said, he could have use this money to order some ReviewMe reviews on some A-list blogs to promote his blog. But I salute Rick for taking this personalized route and coming up with an ingenius contest to reward loyal readers, and commentators, by virtue of a unique point system. The more points you earn for performing various different tasks, the better chances you stand for the draw. I think this is a brilliant idea, garaunteed to attract many readers and generate tons of traffic.

Here is how you can earn points for the contest.

1 point - Leave a comment on this post or any other posts. Feel free to say what you please in
the comments or in emails. Just be prepared…..NO ONE CAN DEFEAT A SAMURAI!

5 points - offer a backlink from your blog, then email him about
the link so he can verify it and award you your points.

20 points - Review his blog on your site, 150 words or more, and email him with the link to
the review.

For an additional 3 points, you can mention this contest in your review of this blog

Other than giving away a brand new Nintendo Wii to a sole winner, Rick will also spread some
reciprocal link love to all who participate and link to his blog. Oh, one more incentive for all participants, but especially helpful for International blogger outside of US/Canada who do not wish to incur any shipping charges (should they win it - I'm assuming International bloggers are eligible for the contest and shipping charges born by receiver), Rick is willing to send the winner cash equivalent of the Wii via PayPal.

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