May 1, 2007

April Reflection, Recharge for May & Beyond

The first day of a new month, I wanna take a pause and recap April's activities on this blog.

An exciting and eventful month of April has just concluded, cummulating and climaxing with the beginning of the long awaited Google Pagerank update. Thanks to all the link love from fellow bloggers, this blog got a PR2 ranking. Thanks everyone!!!

PR Checker

The link love have come from my "review exchange and link swap" campaign started in March, but most of all, I must attribute the huge part Technorati Fave train played in attaining my current ranking. This online train was very very successful, helping many of its pioneers reach the Technorati Top 100 ranking. At the end of April, this train had sent this blog to rank under 52,000 and favourited by 148 Technorati members.

At the end of March, my technorati ranking was in the region of 1.8 million, now this update above is a classic example of the importance of back links. So hop onto this super-charged online train if you haven't and get on with the Fave exchange and reciprocal link swap by clicking

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