May 11, 2007

Review of Career Ramblings

Are you a fresh graduate looking to join the workforce or a seasoned professional looking for a second career choice, or even start your own business? Whoever you are, or whatever stage of your career you are at, so long as you are looking for a job, or to build up a career or start a business, then you gotta check out Career Ramblings. The site's tagline "Your Professional Development: steps to a successful future" pretty much sums up the focus ofthis site.

A quick intro
Career Ramblings is authored by John Anthony and Jane May who have come together to write about their experiences in Corporate America and life in general. They bring to the table an interesting mix of knowledge and experience in hopes of creating an environment where everyone can learn from each other through their posts and readers comments.
They are both successful professionals in their own rights and with such vast experience in their background, readers can rest assured that their ramblingsare not empty talk, they mostly speak (in this case, write) from their own experiences.

From reading some of the articles posted on this site, I feel their target audience can be categorized into 3 main target group, namely:

1. Fresh graduate in transition phase between end of school life and start of work like:
- Graduating from College Sucks, You Have Debt!
- Tips For a Successful First Year on the Job

2. Seasoned Professionals:
- 6 Resume Tips for Seasoned Professionals
- Writing a Formal Propposal

3. Entrepreneurial type who want to start their own business:
- How to Start Your Own Business Today!
- Want Free Publicity For Your Business?

If you think Career Ramblings must be a very technical site which only focus on topics about career development, then you are wrong. Other interesting articles can be found, but I'll leave it for you to find out. They even post their answers to readers' questions on the site, sharing their in-depth analysis and offering tips and options for tricky problems.

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