May 19, 2007

Win Court's Paycheck

One of the great blog which I've elected as one of the "Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007" is authored by Court. He is making waves out there by offering interesting tips and advices free, on how to make money online.

Court is bringing his ingenuity one up by offering you a chance to "Make money online by Taking My Paycheck", literally! If you can guess within $1 of what he earn in May, he will give you all of his earnings for the month! He will PayPal the money to the lucky winner on the first day of June.

If I've pique your interest well enough, here are the contest rules:

Create a post on your blog, copy these rules and paste them into the post.
Make a guess! Link to my homepage with the text ‘make money online $1.00′, replacing the $1.00 with the amount of your guess. Example:
make money online $100.56.
this link to the rules page intact.
Use my contact page to confirm your entry by letting me know (make sure to include the URL of your post)! I will find most of them, but let me know to make sure!

Special Rule Through 5/20/2007
If you make your guess before midnight, MDT on 5/20/2007, I will allow you to make 2 guesses. If you want to make 2 guesses, you’ll have to make 2 links. You still only need to make 1 post. If you want to guess twice do it soon!, after 5/20 you will only be able to guess once.

As this post is submitted before midnight, MDT on 5/20/2007, I am eligible to submit 2 (wild)guesses and they are:

make money online $363.63

make money online $414.14

Join the contest now, after 5/20, each post is entitled to one guess only.