May 7, 2007

Get Your Blog Rated and Reviewed

My humble blog got a brief review from, which is a blog designed to review and
rate your blog, for free. In exchange, they ask for a linkback.

The entire site in Blog Raters is about reviews, reviews and more reviews, nothing else!
The reviews are filed into various categories, from Blogging, to Investment, to Sports and
there's even a category on Venture Capital. So you can imagine their reviews covers a wide range of subjects.

Get Your Blog Rated and Reviewed
As the name implies Blog Raters review and rate blogs in exchange for linkback. Blog raters will review almost anything other then sex sites and the like. So if you have a blog about watching grass grow, they will review it. It would probably be filed as "Uncategorized". All you have to do is shoot them an e-mail at and within a few days they will have a review posted.

You can write an article reviewing this site or write one talking about how you were recently
reviewed by them, which is what I'm doing now . If you have another idea go ahead and do that instead. But if you request to have your site to be reviewed, spread them some link love.


Aileen_g said...

thanks for the tip. my site is new, don't know if it is necessary to have a review?