May 20, 2007

Kumiko's Cash Quest

I had blog about Kumiko's Cash Quest earlier, having participated in her "Predict My PageRank"contest, where I boldy predicted a PR6 but narrowly missed the actual result as she got a PR5 in the latest update. I did not win the $30 cash price, nor did I get to guest blog on her blog (priceless), but that is all water under the bridge now.

Kumiko's Cash Quest is one of my daily must-read blog, her writing style is witty and funny, and at times, edging towards being sarcastic. She writes wonderful, flowing posts, offering great tips and resources, useful for newbies and seasoned bloggers alike. Viewing her weekly earnings report is a great source of motivation for me.

I got hooked on Kumiko's blog after enjoying myself reading her post on "6 Lessons Britney Spears can Teach You about Blogging", it's funny and informative at the same time. More recently, her post on "6 Free Ways to Turbo-chargeYour Blog" offered some great tips which I've implemented some, like getting a make-over, installing a favicon and joining the "DoFollow" movment.

I just notice her blogging tips mostly come in 6s, does Kumiko has some kind of fetish with the number 6? Then why didn't she get a PR6 for the last update?


Macro Dave said...

Kumiko does a great job of promoting her blog. And I noticed her thing for 6's as well. Everything is a 6

BetShopBoy said...

Ha ha it's not only me

Linky Love said...

Well, I am actually aiming for PR 8 , so I can use all the help I can get :-)

Who is exactly sponsering this post and how to apply?

Thanks for adding my Linky Love button!

Hope you filled in my 4 secs survey? If not please do!!!!

Alcohol Rehab said...

Is Kumiko's contest true? haha! It really sounds too good to be true. I'm getting a bit paranoid now.

Bob said...

Hi, since you seem to have entered Kumiko's competition I figured you might be interested in mine. I am giving away a Nintendo DS Lite at the end of the month ;)