May 30, 2007

Mini Blog Reviews - Batch 3

Till date, I have not post a mini reviews in the month of May. So it is a good time to continue the series I left off in April. Here goes (in random order):

Bob over at is giving away a free Nintendo DS Lite with a few games because it’s his 30th birthday in May. The Nintendo DS Lite is 6 months old but Bob assures you that it is in mint condition. It is under utilized as Bob prefers his XBox360 much better.

While you’re there, check out some great posts about generating traffic and getting more RSS subscribers. And don’t forget to wish him a happy belated birthday! Better hurry if you want to win hours of gaming fun for free! Contest close 31 MAy 2007. I am making this last minute submission and if I'm lucky enough to win the prize, I'll regift it for my own blog contest.


Over at Genius Types, Brian Lee is giving away a brand new copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Entering the contest is easy, and everyone gets a link back! To enter the contest, just write a post linking to his book review using the book title as anchor text.

Brian is trying to build authority with the keywords “Think and Grow Rich” in the hope that more people will be able to find his review when researching this book (and ultimately buy the book through his affiliate link).


A full-time Blogger from Southern Leyte, Philippines, Sustines E. Laplana is holding a"Review-Me Challenge" similar to my Review Exchange campaign. To join the challenge, write a review (whether negative or positive) about his blog, from its design, topics, way of writing, or anything you want to say about this blog. Within your post, publish a link to his review exchange post using the anchor text “Join Review Me Challenge and Win“.

His blog focuses on Technology, Products and Entertainment in general. He wants to help people make money blogging so you can expect to find tips on making money, blogging, SEO, Adsense optimization, Product Reviews, product promotions and sales (DVD, Gadgets, Books, Software, Computers…).

He sets an ambitious target for his blog to attain 1 million unique hits per day and also to earn at least $100 a day from blogging.


My Blog World is a blog with a variety of categories and a discussion Forum, emphasizing environmental issues based on the research done by the "CleanFuture" project.


Steve Spalding said...

I'm always happy to see bloggers reviewing other bloggers. I think the best part of the last several months has been seeing such a rise in community-centric bloggers who are out there trying to help promote others. Thanks again for reaffirming my belief in Web 2.0

Web 2.0 Split Open

John Leow said...

I will be putting up an e-copy of Napeolean Hill's Book "Think And Grow Rich" too on my blog, so do stay tuned!

And yes steve, i think its absolutely amazing when bloggers help one another to expand the community through mutual reviews. As such, i've added you to my blogroll!


Emo said...

It is appreciating when other blogger take a review of other blogs. Making the blog shared is one of the appreciation.