May 14, 2007

Search Engine Marketing - win a Wii Promotion

Taking a page out of the evil dot com mogul's book, Darin Carter, the Search Engine Marketing guru, is holding a review promotion, where you can get some linklove and also stand a chance to win a Nintendo Wii. Yes, you heard it right, a free Nintendo Wii!

All you have to do is post a minimum 225 words review of his blog linking to his homepage with the Anchor text "Search Engine Marketing". Then email him with the URL of your review post and your preferred Anchor text which you want him to use to link back to your site. Then sit back, and wait for June 11th where he'll hold the lucky draw live on webcast!

Darin Carter is a Marketing Director and he created Darin.CC to educate the public about Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Advertising, Marketing and anything else he is in the mood for.
If you Googled his name "Darin Carter", you will get the search result on the first page. Now Darin wants to get onto Google page one with "Search Engine Marketing", hence, his required anchor text for this Review for link back + Nintendo Wii contest.

Darin CC uses a clean 3 column layout, mostly peppered with Google Adsense ads. The blog's layout design is uncluttered with the usual suspect of ReviewMe ad and Text Link ad banner all in their rightful place, and is easy to navigate. Most of the the posts are written byDarin, with some posted by guest bloggers. Readers must have a basic understand and some interest in heavy topics like SEO, SEM and PPC in order to enjoy his posts. I for one find his posts on those subjects leaning towards the "heavy-to-digest" side.


Search Engine Marketing said...

Thanks for the review and good luck in the contest ... I will take your thoughts into consideration ... I try to make my posts easy for the beginner to understand to learn more about Search Engine Marketing in general!


BetShopBoy said...

Hi Darin

I guess I'll be following closely your upcoming posts in order to learn more about online marketing