May 4, 2007

Review Lifewg for Backlinks

Lifewg (Life with Google), hosted by Jack, is offering 3 free backlinks from his 3 blogs, 2 of which have PR3 rankings, to any blogger who review his blog with at least 200 words. He admitted he got this link bait idea from John Chow dot com, but is doing it with a slight twist.

Through his blog, Jack offers tips and tricks (in the context of Google services) on how to make money on the internet. His post here offers some good fun tips on what to do should your Google Adsense account get disabled. In case the unthinkable happens to you one fine day, it should not be the end of the world, but you should follow Jack’s advise and do this and make an appeal to Google Adsense Support who will then re-review again your site and their log data base of their Google Adsense Algorithm. But according to Jack, usually, 99.99% of the time, the answer is still "You Are Banned!"

Before you accidentally let the unthinkable really happen to your account, it is good to know why others got banned and how to take good care of your Adsense account.

Lifewg was just started about a month ago, besides those posts about Adsense mentioned here, other interesting tips about blogging can be found, I'll leave it for you to explore for yourself.
The blog is mainly text based, with very little photos and zero videos in the blog posts. The only photos available are those of Kumiko, which makes Jack a big fan of her, I think.


Jack said...

wow.. I must admit it, you write it very well :)

sorry for my late, I've just read your comments. as I encourage my readers to let me know by mail, so it's not everyday I check the comments :)

thanks, yours is coming, I'll let you know soon :)

ps: oh, Now my blog has new pagerank, I think it would be better for the review ;)