May 12, 2007

Get Paid to Blog on Bloggerwave

Wanna get paid blogging? Now you can achieve that with Bloggerwave! Bloggerwave is an exciting, innovative and automated system for advertisers to showcase their products and services, creating opportunities for bloggers to post their valuable feedback and opinions to advertisers with respect to their web sites, products, services, and companies and get paid for it.

Creating an account with Bloggerwave is free. Upon creation of a blogger account, blogger will need to submit his/her blog for approval. The approval process may extend up to 72 hours owing to the immense amount of submissions, but I got mine approved within 24 hours! On approval, I am now ready to take up opportunities.

Various kinds of opportunities are posted by advertisers. They may range from a simple "link back to this site" to product reviews with pictures. Bloggers may select the Opportunities that best suit them and their blog. Once an opportunity is selected, blogger must create a post on their blog base on requirements set forth by the advertiser. The blogger's post must remain live on one's blog for 30 days. The post need not remain on the front page.

After 30 days as well as at random, Bloggerwave administrators will check to see if the blog post is still live and still meets the Opportunity requirements. If the conditions are satisfy, blogger will get paid via PayPal.


Anonymous said...

In over a month, there have been 3 opportunities, and I've not been paid for any of them just yet. Others have reported being paid already, so hopefully this will be sorted soon.

I'm not saying don't use BloggerWave (especially in a post sponsored by them), perhaps it is just start-up problems, but do make sure you keep track of who owes you what, and when it is due.
I've knocked up a quick spreadsheet with the daily totals and which companies owe me how much. Good luck with your blog. (You have a reply to your e-mail on its way)

BetShopBoy said...

Thanks for the advise, Chirs, I'll definitely take note of that.