May 30, 2007

Blogging with Cultural Sensitivity

Here is a real life example marketing communication without due consideration to cultural sensitivity. It must surely rank as the ultimate nightmare of a marketer. This lesson can be applied to blogging as well.

This is why the Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank cannot make it in Malaysia.

A piggy mascot is all good and dandy to the Chinese, but pork or babi is taboo in Muslims societies.

It's bad enough using a baby babi as mascot, but giving that name "Puki" is really stretching their luck overboard! That is a Malay vulgar phrase referring to a certain female anatomy! Enough said!


profit blogging said...

I found this interesting article and I think you're right about you said. This is a bad advertising practises without knowing their targeted audiences. The same thing applied to blogging too. Finding the targeted readers must consider their cultural or habitual.