Jun 1, 2007

May Mayhem

Another extremely fun month of blogging had shoot by. The highlights in May came in the form of getting paid(realized payments) for blogging, making my dream of being paid to write come true!

At the beginning of every month, it is very common to see many bloggers posting their earnings for the previous month. I am still struggling to convince myself whether to disclose my blog earnings. Until I am absolutely sure, leaving no doubt whatsoever in my mind, I'll put off the idea indefinitely. Anyway, my earnings are way too low to be of any interest to you, and neither will it inspire others. Having said that, I am not against my fellow bloggers posting their earnings, especially those whose hardwork were being paid-off, it's great motivation to see their earnings climbing month by month.

Another highlight came as a sweet surprise in my email inbox. I was informed that the review I submitted for Shawn-Knight's blog won the cash prize of $25! This is the first ever online contest which I've won cash. Lady luck must have visited and put smiley all over! I hope she'll stay awhile more, as more contest results will be annouced in the month of June! Once again, I want to thank Shawn for his contest and the joy his fun blog brought me. His daily Ownage never fails to put a smile on my face, it is especially a good form of stress reliever after a hard day's work! Stay tune to Shawn's blog as he disclosed more contests are coming up.


Homemom3 said...

Congratulations on winning the cash! :) May was a very good month for me as well. If ya like contests, I've got more on my site.