Jun 3, 2007

Inside The Secret Life of a Super Affiliate

The first thing that attracted my attention to Zac Johnson's blog is the super geeky cartoon of a crown-wearing geek holding some greenbacks! The cartoon did no justice to Zac's real look(check out his pics in photo gallery), but it does a good job making an impression on my mind! The image is also use as "Zac's stamp of approval" for his posts on network reviews, very unique!

Zac Johnson calls himself a super affiliate marketer as he has been making money online for over 10 years now and specializes in affiliate marketing. Through Zac’s personal blog, he'll share with you his secrets, successes and failures of a true life super affiliate and how you can start to making money online. He was even featured in Revenue magazine in his MoneyReignNetwork days. That is online credibility for you.

Zac's blog is very content focused and gives a "clean" feel with no advertising, a rare find these days, where plastering all kinds of ads on one's blog seems to be the order of the day.
Inspired by John Chow's success in "review my blog" link bait, Zac is starting his own "Review Me & Make Money" contest. Not only will he link back to you for reviewing his fast growing blog (predicted PR4 on next update), but also one lucky winner will be draw randomlyto win $50(pay via PayPal) for every 10 reviews he gets. Click here for his review rules.


Success Daily said...

I love the toon aspect. I have bumped into a couple of artists online that offer these services.

Branding in action!