Jun 21, 2007

Why I Love PayPerPost

PerPerPost was the first paid-to-write program I joined right after I got my PR ranking at the last updates(end April 2007). I came across the PayPerPost banner in so many blogs I visited and wanted to join this wonderful program earlier but during that time, my blog was new and PR rank was zero. I waited as I thought with a higher PR rank, I could expect more and higher value opportunities to be avail to me.

I love PayPerPost because it made my dream of getting paid for doing what I love, which is writing, comes true! PayPerPost is the leading marketplace for Consumer Generated Advertising and I'm proud to be part of this growing online community of movers, shakers and money makers.

I really like the user-friendly feature of a self-service marketplace where posties like myself can browse for qualified opportunities and select those which are relevent to our blog niche.

With their huge network of thousands of bloggers who spans the globe and covers everything from stay-at-home mothers to technology gurus, I can make friends with people of internationally diverse backgrounds all coming together with a common cause - to make money blogging.


Dee said...

And that was your first $10 from PayPerPost ;) Congrats.
I'm still waiting for my blog to be 3 months old so I can make it into the program.