Jun 2, 2007


Just last week, I posted about a bug on Technorati that made my Fan count became ZERO! I verified with a few fellow bloggers and concluded that it was a general problem that seems to plague every members. I emailed Technorati Support highlighting this problem but only managed to get a auto-responded standard reply.

Fast forward 1 week later and the bug appears to be fixed. The fan count is working normally again as this screenshot will attest.

Along with this normalization of service came the sweet realization that this blog had broken into the Top 100 most favourited blog in Technorati!! About 1.5 months after hopping onto the Technorati Favourite Exchange experiment bandwagon, I'm glad to report my current fan count is 221 and my blog resides at #98 of the top 100 most favourited!

If anyone thinks this feat was easily achieved by simply joining the experiment and blogging about it, then sit back and let virtual reality takes its course, then you are absolutely wrong! It was a lot of hard work, at least for a non-A-list blog like mine. A lot of effort was put into marketing this blog, visiting hundreds of blogs selling to the owners this idea and asking them to join me. As is normal in marketing or sales process, you will meet "buyers" who are receptive to your idea, and nasty "buyers" who slam doors into your face will be par for the course. Then came the mundane but necessary steps of reciprocating each individual faves one-by-one, manually!

The final home stretch was the hardest, coupled with the fan count bug encountered, a delay to achieve the objective was unavoidable. The journey so far has been fun and is worth every ounce of hard work I've put in. This journey is by no means completed as the breakthrough will definitely motivate me to continue climbing the ladder! The inital objective was to try to break into the top 100 most favourited, now that the benchmark has been reached, dare I raise the bar and set the next benchmark at top 50? Top 10? Stay tune or subscribe to my RSS feed to find out!

Last but not least, I want to shoutout 221 thank yous to all those who have joined this experiment and favourited and kept faith with me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

For those who would like to join this Technorati Favourite exchange experiment, jump on the bandwagon and start giving and collecting your Technorati Favourites by clicking Add to Technorati Favorites

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Chris Merriman said...

Congrats on regaining your Fan stats :)
I double checked, and I have you faved...

BetShopBoy said...

Thanks Chris!

IngaOz said...


I have favorited your blog :) If you have time, could you please add my blog to your favorites? ;)