Jun 17, 2007

90 Days Pit-Stop!

Today marks the 90th day this blog had been 'reborn' since 17th March. What I mean by 'reborn' is that I committed myself on that fateful day, last March, to blog consistently while having fun learning this online trade.

It has been one hell of a journey thus far, there were sweat and tears, and there were smiles and jubilation too! Blogging is fun but blogging is definitely not easy-fun, it is hardwork-fun I must tell you. My biggest obstacle is finding time to research and write unique and interesting topics , in between my regular 44-hours week day job, and balancing the demand of family time with 2 young children and keeping the household in operational-ready conditions (we do not have outside help).

Having said that, I've learnt a lot during the last 3 solid months of blogging(part-time). I've learnt blogging is not just about writing, it is much more than that. Blogging is also about branding, packaging, marketing, networking and much more. I've also made many great blogging friends, and definitely have fun interacting with people from internationally diverse backgrounds, all coming together as a community with a common love(for writing).

I'll take this chance to update some of my rankings here, some of them I'm quite satisifed with, but some I still need lots of improvement on. To begin with, 2 weeks ago, I posted that this blog manage to break into Technorati Top 100 most favourited blogs. And today, I'm glad to follow that up with the announcement that this blog had achieved the Technorati Top 10k ranking and is now rank 8831, with an Authority 401.

Compared to Technorati ranking, my Alexa ranking does not paint such a rosy picture. My ranking today stands at 397,599! The only consolation I can give myself is this ranking 3 months ago was in the region of 2.9 million! This stat is definitely my Archillies' heels, and my next phase of blogging with be skewed towards improving it.

The next 3 months

The initial phase of relentless link-building operations had achieved its desired result, far more than I have ever dream of. For the next phase, I'll be focusing more of my time on sniffing out useful web resources, and of course blogging tips and money making tips and resources! In short, I'll be focusing on writing and publishing quality content on a consistent basis.

Before I sign off, I want to thank everyone who had read, commented, linked, favourited and subscribed to this blog. You are the catalyst that keep me firing on all cylinders and keep me going. Stay on course with me through this wonderful journey and exciting adventure online!


Carlie said...

congrats on your technorati progress! You seem to be doing quite well. :)

BetShopBoy said...

Thanks Carlie! It's a lot of hardwork and persistant preserverance. And the folks over at Technorati might br frowning on my tactic.

Money From Home said...

Good job!

People that don´t blog think it is really easy, but it does take a lot of research and reading before you can post a good post. But as long as we talk about what we like and know its all good.

E Akino said...

Gud day, Kabayan! my blog is just 6 days older to yours. is also the blog i turned seriously while having fun. Gud luck to your also.

Share a bloggerly links...share a bloggerly love.

More power!

Jason said...

Congrats on breaking Technorati's Top 10K!

My site is seven months old and I have barely broken 20K (but even this wouldn't have been possible without the ViralLinks campaign).

Keep up the great work :)

BetShopBoy said...

Thanks Jason

Don't be disheartened, just keep doing your thing, the most important thing is to have fun!