Jun 9, 2007

Review of Online Opportunity

If you stumbled upon Online, then you have found yourself a blog about making money online. What's so special about Online Opportunity that differentiate itself from the tons of blogs out there about making money online these days. Well, for a start, this blog not only is about making money online, but is also about how to not make money online. Yes, you heard right, there's no typo erorr. Have I pique your interest already with that last statement?

Jay, who author this blog, confessed that he fit into the profile of most people who are looking to make money online, myself included. We have day jobs, and probably don’t like them much. So we’re looking for a way to make a living online. Most of us are juggling our day job with running a household, supporting a family and trying to make money online with what little time and energy we have left.

There are countless opporunities and online programs for people wanting to make a living online, but unfortunately, some of them are scams targetted at the gullible trying to make a quick buck. Most of the legitimate programs that promise people will make residual income and making auto-pilotincome even while they are on holiday or sleeping, required payments upfront before they'll show you the secrets!

If you are skeptical about such paid programs, this is where Jay come in. He’ll spend the money and take the risk, so you don’t have to! Where on earth can you find such help for free? Through his blog, Jay hope to steer readers in the direction of opportunities that have a better chance of realizing its promise, so that you won’t make the same mistake like so many people who get lured in by the hype and then fail at programs. If you come across an opportunity you’re interested about, but and can’t find a review of it on his site, let him know the details and he'll do the sleuth work.

To promote his blog using the link bait startegy, Jay is holding a review contest, where he'll pick the best review (whether positive or negative) and award the author $100! To enter the contest, see the rules here.


Jay said...

Thanks for the review!

Jeremy Hobbs said...

Thank you for the review, I'll be bookmarking that site shortly. Maybe I'll enter the contest.......

Tag44 said...

Nice post, thanks for the post and for sharing the same.