Jul 25, 2007

Are You Ready For The Next Google PR Update?

We are in the final home stretch of the upcoming Google PR update which is widely
anticipated to be at the end of July or early Aug. Although historical data shows Google PR updates are done on a quarterly basis, but truth be told, there is no fix schedule to the updates and we will never really know when Google decides to update the next PR ranking.

Nevertheless, you can really feel the buzz starting to build up now in the blogosphere, cumulating into the mad frenzy in the next couple of weeks. Many bloggers are writing Google PR update related posts, preaching Search Engine Optimization techniques, and sharing tips and web resource to help fellow bloggers spruce up and strengthen their blog's position to nail a high PR rank in this update.

One cool dude who want to help you out by spreading quality link love from his high PR pages to your blog, is the self-professed Apple whore, mrgarylee. Yes, that Gary Lee who is really giving away an Apple iPhone! All you have to do is to link in your post using anchor text online coupon codes and contact him after you are done.

Higher PR link partners are worth their weight in gold, don't miss this chance to get quality backlinks to appease the googlebots!

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OrGSync said...

I'm very ready for the next pagerank on some of my sites, and not close to being ready on others. What about you?



Internet Solutions said...

High PR link partners are sure worth their weight in gold. Everyone sure seems or feels they are ready but truly no one is or knows whats in store... :)

Internet Solutions

mlankton said...

I only got my site off the ground August 5th. Not enough backlinks for this time around, but next pagerank I'll be ready.