Jul 15, 2007

Lucky 7s Contest Update #1

My first blog contest had received a lot of buzz but so far gotten off to a slow start where receiving entries are concern. From the many feedback I had gathered, the general consensus is that it is a unique concept using 7/7/7 as the core idea. I'm sure more entries will be submitted in the coming days. In this 1st batch of update, I want to thank these 3 entrants for their early submission:
Aldwin Ho

There are 7 cash prizes to be given away and so far only 3 entries submitted, what are the odds of winning? Let's just say you won't get such high odds of winning some cash anywhere else. You do the math!

This contest will close on 31st July, 2007, still about 2 weeks to go. If you haven't already entered, now is the time to stop procrastinating and start writing! Join now!


CFernandes said...

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C Fernandes