Jul 9, 2007

Make Money - Win a Contest

Last week something strange happened? An esteemed but unexpected visitor dropped by this humble blog and her avatar was captured by the recent readers widget. Upon seeing her avatar, I got a strange feeling, a good one though. I asked myself then, is it a sign? An omen that something big is gonna happen?

My curiosity was finally put to rest when I received an email from Kumiko (yes, that famous Agloco-bashing Kumiko) informing that I am the winner of her Cash Quests competition. I can't believe my luck! Wow!! That was totally out of the blue and absolutely awesome!

I've won $100 in cold hard cash (which I've received in my paypal account), a full review of this site (valued at $50, but priceless where this blog is concern), a one month link in her "Wealthy Sites" section (I've chosen anchor text Singapore Blogger), and a 2 weeks 480x60 banner ad(which I've chosen text link) at the top of her popular site!

I am on cloud 9 and feeling sky high but I am also ready to welcome Kumiko's readers to my humble blog, and I am bracing myself for the ton of traffic the text link ad and her full review will bring here and hit me like a speeding bullet train!

A big Thank You to Kumiko!

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Hi betshopboy,

you deserve it!
Maybe it is now your turn
to have a $100 contest?^_^

Any plan for that matter?

Stentorized said...

just want to ask
if you do not mind
to post the link of the
winning entry of your
review to kumikos contest?


BetShopBoy said...

A-P, if you read my post thoroughly, you will notice that I've already launched my first contest. You can also scroll down to get the contest post.

Stent, I wrote a short review of Cash Quests here:

cowboytf said...

WOOHOO!! Congrats. Now please don't forget us little people on your super highway to success!!
A Cowboy's Wife

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

shocked that you actually won the contest from kumiko!Great to hear that! Make Singaporean proud!