Jul 2, 2007

Contest, Contests and More Contests!

June was a record month in terms of blog contest entered. And June ended on a good note as I was notified that I've won a book, Secrets of Successful Blogging - What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging And Podcasting, from Matt Huggings' Free Business Book Giveaway contest. I hope more good news awaits me in the coming days as many of the contests will be drawn and winners declared.

As more and more bloggers begin to realize the benefits holding contest can bring to their blogs, I'm sure more contests are in the pipeline waiting to be discovered, and entered. I'm actually planning to host the first contest on this blog. I do not have big budget to hold elaborate contest with fabulous prizes, nor do I have product sponsors offering tantalizing products for my contest. But I do hope my first contest can get off with a bang! It will roll out in the coming days, so stay tune and don't miss out.

Having said that, and until I've finalized my contest details, here is another contest entry I would like to post.

Live Learn Invest is giving away a brand new Ipod Shuffle of your color choice, in the easiest contest in the world. All you need to do to enter is to write a sentence in your post, linking to its homepage and also mentioning "Printed Circuit Board Quotes".

After that, send Kendrick an email including a link to your post and tell him what color Ipod Shuffle you’d like. This contest will run until 4th July, so hurry, don't miss you chance to enter this easiest contest in the world!