Jul 10, 2007

Blog Update Announcement

Just want to post a brief update of some minor tweaks and additions I've made to this blog recently.

Regular visitors should have noticed by now the change in the header image. That will be the most noticeable change for this latest update. For the benefit of new readers, the previous header contained only the blog title and a long-winded tagline, all words and no image. I find the old header very boring and wanted a refreshing change. I've decided on a web 2.0 feel to the new header, with reflection to the blog title and had removed those long-winded taglines. To customize your header image and give it a personal touch, you can head over to for some great selections.

In addition, I've removed the default Blogger profile page. For the longest time, I find that the standard profile page is unimaginative with lots of restrictions. I wasn't HTML savvy enough to hack it to custom-made into my preferred profile page format.

Using what limited knowledge I possessed, I've replaced the previous profile page with a new About Me page (link at top of left side bar) where I've written a more detailed profile about myself on Google Page creator. For new and regular readers alike, I welcome you to click on the new "About Me" link to have a glimpse of my background.

Warning! Some chest-beating coming up next. The following is an ego-boosting, chest-thumping and shameless promotion of this blog's latest technorati ranking.

I just noticed this morning that this blog had broken into the top 5k Technorati ranking, with an Authority of 605. This latest milestone came 3 weeks after I reported breaking into top 10k. This is getting more fun by the day and I'm starting to see some results of the hard work I've put into this blog over the last 4 months. This milestone will spur me to set my sight even higher and bring better content and better user experience for all of you. Without the continuous support of all my valuable readers, this blog is nothing.

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J said...

You're blog is bad ass! Any advice for a newbie?

Jean Chia said...

congratz, betshopboy! :)

Erik Karey said...

Congrats on the success!

BetShopBoy said...

Thanks guys! Your encouragement made all the hard work worth the while.

Huggie said...

Congratulations! I'm glad you're seeing great results from all your hard work. I hope your Lucky 7's contest helps you to bring in even more links!

I like the new header image. Is it possible to center it? I would like that myself, but that's just my personal opinion. :)

How are your earnings going? I don't know if you intend to reveal them or not, but if you do and care to share, I'm definitely curious. ;) But don't feel obligated to share, I'm just nosy!

BetShopBoy said...

Thanks Matt, glad you like the header, ain't it cool?

I'm having problem with the header placement, it appear centralize in IE but in FF it is on the left side.

Even my photo below my About Me link showed up in IE but does not appear when viewed with FF.

Kanute said...

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