Jul 31, 2007

Win an XBox 360 at Sweet Hacks Dot com

Over at Sweet Hacks Dot Com, Abdalla - the self-confessed XBox360 fanboy - is giving away a XBox360 with games in the final prize of the very successful 7 Days giveaway series. It was so successful that it cause the server to crash and that means all previous entries were lost and this contest had to be restarted!

Besides the grand prize winner who will be walking away with a cool XBox360 premium console, with games thrown in to blast those nights away, there will be a second place winner whose site will get a full review and free backlink for 3 months under the featured section.

There are several ways to earn tickets to the contest. Besides blogging about it, subscribing to its RSS feed will earn 3 tickets and adding it to your Technorati fave will earn 4 tickets!

This little inconvenience of server crashing will prove to be a blessing to all those who have yet to send in your entries, buying you a little more time as contest closing date was extended till end of July 2007.