Jul 23, 2007

Make Mooney Online with Dot Cow Mooogul

Dear boys and girls and all milk drinkers,

After a couple of days' rest over the weekend, let me start off the week by telling you a farm's tale steep in urban cow-lore.....

Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, there was a cow who abandoned its herd and escaped its barn looking for greener grass on the other side, only to set up home in this treacherous land we call blogosphere. Using simple cow sense, the cow deduced it best to set up shop emulating the success and adopting the winning formula of the evil John Chow. Hence, John Cow dot com was created to make mooney online.

This super-duper-extra-delux-comical satrical parody was so successful it spawned at least 2 copy cat sites in and, but whether these two cats can replaced the top cow or have cow dung in their faces remains to be seen.

Just remember, all you dot cow wannabees, the only way to become a dot cow moogul is to drink milk every day!

To increase its flock of readers and mooo-ers and infect them with mad cow disease, the cow is holding yet another one of those popular write-about-us-and-maybe-just-maybe-you-will-win-$100-in-our-lottery
cash cow cowpetition. The grand latte which one udderly lucky mooo-er stands to win is $100 cash paid via paypal and the usual backlinks and full site review, all the usual load of bull crap.

Parodical, Satirical, whatever you want to call it, as long as you love the milk, the cow will serve them up fresh and warm! The supply is always free, just make sure not to milk it too hard. Otherwise, you can mooooooo till the cow comes home..........

All together now....Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....................

The End.

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