Jul 3, 2007

Review of The Best Hotel Site For India

If you are planning to go to India for that well deserved holiday, then make sure you learn to say the word Asra, which means shelter in Hindi. Combine the two words Indian and Asra together and you get Inasra, which is a young and vibrant company set up to make traveling in India as easy and delightful as having an ice-cream!

What service exactly does Inasra provides? You can find the answer by visiting its homepage, they bring hotels in India closer to you, actually just 2 mouse clicks away! They help users search and book hotels in over 200 Indian cities online. With such a vast database of hotels, tourists will have no problem to book Indian hotels. The homepage is really no frills and no gimmickries, users are presented with a hotel search box where they have to enter information like their destination city, their check-in and check-out dates.

Once the relevant information are entered and search button clicked, users are presented with a list of hotels available in the particular city. The list consist of the hotel addresses and the price range of their rooms. Users can find more details about any hotel by clicking on the view button which will show an image of the hotel, the rates for different room type and from here, users can go on to complete the booking process.

Besides that, users can also refine or filter their search by checking on the amenities they want in the hotel, the type of cuisines they would like the hotel to serve, and the star rating of the hotel they want to book.

Hotels are just the first step in what Inasra consider their journey to bring all the Travel/Shelter related segments (Flights, Tours, Service Apartments...) 2-3 clicks away from you. And judging by the ease of use of the hotel search and booking system, they will be a great asset to India's tourism industry.

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