Jul 7, 2007

Lucky 7s Contest

This special day has finally arrived, a day that only comes by once in 100 years! What better way to celebrate this special day by kicking off my very first blog contest on such a special and auspicious occassion! So here it is people, my first ever blog contest(will not be my last) held on this very special day that only comes by once in a century! I want my first contest to take off with a bang, and I'm gonna need as much help from you, you and you to do that and I'll be making 7 people very happy!

Yes you heard right, it's not 1, not 2, but 7 winners! That's the reason I called this the Lucky 7s contest. The top prize is US$77 and another 6 consolation prizes of US$7 each, all paid via paypal and all coming out of my pocket!

Here are the rules:

  • Post a review of my blog(min. 200 words) on your blog linking to my home page using anchor text "earn income online" or "earn online income", also link to this contest page and one other post on my site — pick any post you want and use the post title as anchor text. If you are unsure which other post to link to, let me suggest a few favourites here:
Back Up Your Blogs
Personalize Your Blog Posts
Top 5 Ways To Generate Traffic
  • Subscribe to my full RSS feed, and take a screenshot of it and include it in your post. This applies to new and existing subscribers. See example here.
After your blog post has gone live, post a comment in this contest page that include the url of your post. In addition, please make sure you also email me the link to your blog post. You must receive my reply to confirm your participation.

This contest is open to everyone who has a blog, regardless of the language the blog is in. As long as the rules are followed, you are in! This contest will close at 11.59pm (my time zone is GMT +8) on 31st July, 2007. All 7 winners will be randomly draw out of the hat.

Now I know you want to win one of those prizes, so hit me with your best shot! Good luck and have fun!

Fine Print:
All my decisions are final
No porn, splogs and warez
Rules are all subject to changes as necessary
I am not responsible for any currency conversion losses or local bank charges you may incurred


stocktube said...

wow, another contest ... i see that you're using the same concept (and image) from PPP during their last crowd-puller review-for-700bucks ...

guess 7 must be your lucky number huh?

Cade@BusinessOpportunity said...

I've always thought contests like this would be a great way to generate links and buzz. Hope it goes well for you and you get your money's worth out of those prizes!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Wow! Your first contest, my friend! Congratulations! I will enter this one - you have my word on that, brother!

More power! Mabuhay!

Nabil said...

Hey BetShopBoy! I am definitely in!

aldwin said...

I'm in too! May this contest be a huge success :)

RKC said...

Nice to know that you've started a contest too...I'm definitely in.

RKC said...

Hi betshopboy,

I have your review (so that I can enter in the contest) here:

Click Here

Ramkarthik said...

Hi betshopboy,

As I said here's the review of your blog:


The feed reader I use is snarfer. So the image of the feed will be the one of snarfer. You will see your posts there.


Anonymous said...

this is lame!

ice dragon said...

Hi, we post our entry in the following link, hoping everythings ok to get a chance to participate

later . .

Huggie said...

Hey Betshopboy, sorry for not getting this up sooner like I said I would. It's up now though!