Jul 12, 2007

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Holding blog contest seems to be the rage nowadays in the blogosphere, even yours truly had ride the trend and started my first blog contest. To catch this online trend, some innovative bloggers even jumped on the contest bandwagon by creating blog niche catered to sniffing out blog contests, spreading the word about them and creating a place where interested participants can congregate and partake in those contests that fancy them.

Blog-contests was created exactly with that in mind. The 2 main goals of this new site are:

  • To give bloggers a place to announce their contests to the widest possible audience of interested participants
  • To give bloggers a resource that will not only give them contests to enter, but provide content for their site (when you blog about the contest you’re entering), grow their readership, and increase their backlinks.
Blog-Contest is a free resource of blog contests for bloggers and by bloggers. What I like about Blog-contests is that it differentiates itself from the rest of the blogs that blog about contests, in that it put the money where the mouth is!

For a start, to create awareness of this new site which was created on 27 June, the owner, Walt is holing the first contest giving away $100 cold hard cash! The contest ends Thursday, July 12th at midnight EST.

Additionally there will be monthly contest where users stand to win $50 for submitting contest and also leaving comments.

Another 'think out of the box' feature which differentiate Blog-Contests from the others is the "submit & win" initiative which reward $50 to one lucky 'informer' each month, for being the first person to submit current running blog contests info (their own or other blog's contest).

Due to overwhelming amount of user submission which Walt found too tedious to keep up with,
he had rebuilt the site and transformed it into one with a professional touch. If you are familiar with Digg, then you will find the new very appealing, with simple user interface that offers easy navigational experience.

This latest upgrade is what I would call a Web 2.0 site. It is very much catered for user generated content, and community interaction. The new system is totally self-serving and once user submitted the contest info, it will be posted instantaneously. No waiting for Walt to pick it up from his inbox and posting them manually all by himself, which was the previous practice. Besides that, user can also vote for their favourite contest so that those with good value can rise and stay on top of the Popular contest page.

I like the "submit new contest" system so much I'm gonna walkthrough with you the 3 easy steps, but before you can submit a contest, you must first register as a member.

Step 1
Click on the "Submit a new contest" tag and enter the exact url of the contest.

Step 2
Enter the title of the contest, tag it with relevant keywords and write a brief description of the contest.

Step 3
You are nearly finish with the submission. Before you click on the submit button, you can modify it, if not, then submit it!

If you are a contest junky, Blog-Contests is the best contest resource available right now! Head over there and I guarantee you will have a wonderful experience.

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Funny Videos said...

What a very great idea.

I want to have a great idea that will really take off in the blogo-sphere, and I just cant seem to find any.

But I love encountering orginal ideas like this. I wonder what the next "craze" after blog contests will be?h

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